About the Artist

I am a textile artist who works with primarily upcycled materials and natural fibers. I believe that valuing needlework and textile art is a feminist practice. My work combines organic shapes and traditional machine pieced quilt blocks to honor my ancestors and explore new ways of interacting with the material. Hand quilting in all of my pieces imbues the connection between my art and home life into my work. I’m interested in the ways imperfections, hand stitching, and the palettes of plant dyes connect my artwork to the place in which it was created, highlighting our interdependence with the land and each other.

My relationship with textile art began at a very young age, wrapped in quilts made by family members. I began remaking thrift store finds and learned how to sew my own clothes over a decade ago. In 2020 I completed my first quilt, which rekindled my love of cloth in a new way. I began creating unique and upcycled quilted goods in 2022.